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Cool California Challenge

Help Citrus Heights Win Title of Coolest CA City
– competition begins April 1st!

Ten California cities are competing for the title of Coolest California City and $100,000 towards sustainability efforts. Cities receive points for each household that logs in to, no matter what their current efforts at sustainability may be.

With progress like the Civic Center Solarization, Greenhouse Gas Reduction Plan (GGRP) and Green Planning Academy we know our city has what it takes to win! The City will offer cash incentives for groups and individuals that yield the most points. For more information and to learn how to join, visit or or call (916) 727-4740.

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Mission Statement

Mission Statement
Provide leadership and engage the community In order to facilitate sustainable principles As proposed in the Citrus Heights Greenhouse Gas Reduction Plan


Citrus Heights Green Team
7509 Madison Avenue, #114, Citrus Heights, CA 95610

Sue Frost (916) 207-7960 -
Bob Pitvorec (916) 864-0040 -
Jim Reiman (916) 961-2371 -